Monday, 15 September 2014

Summer Blues!

Summer Blues!
Hi Dolls,

Spring is in the air and there is one store here in Australia where I find all my pretty  and chic clothes for Spring and that's Forever New.
I decided to create a full outfit all ready for this Spring and Summer period. Here in Melbourne our Spring can get quite hot, even though at the moment we are still having Winter weather, so we need to be prepared for a hot spell.

What I love about Forever New is that they take a simple item and make it pretty, for example these gorgeous shorts aren't anything to look at but when they added the scalloping on the bottom is makes them so perfect.

Blue is a colour I tend to wear a lot in Spring and Summer, I find it fresh and calming and it is easy to match. Loose flowwy tops are a must in our summer, anything to clingy can make it so much more hotter than when you have a nice sheer loose shirt on.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!
Take Care Dolls and Love!

Forever New white collarless shirt
$32 -

Forever New jean shorts
$36 -

Forever New white flat
$45 -

Forever New clear bead necklace
$45 -

Forever New bracelet
$9.01 -

Forever New blue earrings
$15 -

Forever New sunglasses
$27 -

Forever New Mini Coralie Bag
$41 -

Friday, 12 September 2014

Fashion Friday: The 1980s!

Hi Dolls,

The 80s, what can I say they have a lot to answer for but there was so much I loved amongst the mismatched colours and big hair.
The music of the 80s is my playlist for life, nothing lifts you up like a great rock ballad by Bon Jovi or Pat Benatar.

In the early 80s fashion was basically the same as the 70s, but 1983 saw a shift with influences by pop music and singers like Cyndi Lauper.

Bright accessories was the only way to go, with bright rimmed sunglasses, large earrings, leg warmers, spandex, bright in your face make up and teased hair... very teased hair.
 But obviously this was a style worn by the younger generation.

The average woman would have been seen in turtle neck sweaters and leggings. Most likely she would have paired her outfit with large high waisted belts.

One of the major changes in fashion was the love of brands, the 80s saw people in Coca-Cola T-shirts and Nike had become one of the most profitable company in the world.
MTV had a lot to do with this change of fashion, it made it easier for fashion trends to catch on and to promote to the most vulnerable market, the teens.
In 1988, every kid wanted his Air Jordans  and a Chicago Bulls cap to match. This was what helped Nike become such a giant in the industry.

By 1989 the Cosby sweaters were all the rage, if you are not sure what they are look up the Cosby Show. Women's clothing had gotten a lot more baggier and they dressed for comfort instead of for what a designer told them to wear.

The fashion in the late 80s can be best shown in the show Saved By The Bell, the show of the time and everyone needed to look good enough to be noticed by Zack Morris.

Style icons of the 80s were people like, Molly Ringwald, Brooke Shields, Demi Moore, Blondie, Princess Diana, Madonna and Michelle Pfeiffer. 

One of the greatest things about the fashion in the 80s was that anything goes. The 80s was about expressing yourself and breaking free from the clinches of society. They may have had a lot of fashion disasters in the 80s but they gave freedom to the world of fashion to stop the industry from being controlled by a handful of fashion houses.

Have an amazing weekend Dolls,
Take Care and Love!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Spring Blossoms!

Untitled #12

Hi Dolls,

Spring has finally arrived down here in Melbourne, Australia.
This weekend we actually had weather worth calling warm and it was amazing to be  able to wear a skirt and a thin cardigan.

What I love about Spring is the colours that become available in stores, no longer are people wanting to rug up and dress in comfy warm tones they are wanting to brighten up their life with the colours of Spring.

Me that means pastels and lace!
I love to be able to throw on a cute lace blouse and some jeans with the most adorable wedges.
Fresh, Girly and Chic... just how I like it!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!
Take Care Dolls and Love!

Velvet lace shirt

Red jacket
$33 -

Furla handbag
$170 -

Aldo necklace

Friday, 5 September 2014

Fashion Friday: The 1970s!

Hi Dolls,

When I was growing up all I wanted to do was travel back in time to the 70s. 
All I wanted to do was roll around at a roller disco in my flares to the tune of "Knock on Wood".
But of course I grew up in a 80s/90s world.

The seventies, the era of bright colours and paisley shirts. The only time it was cool for a man to wear bell bottoms.
But the fashion and lifestyle of the seventies was like no other decade.

The start of the seventies was very much like 1969, but as we start to move into the seventies some great changes begin to happen.
Polyester is the fabric of the time, also the use of bright colours was the only way to go.
Men and Women both wore tight fitted pants and huge platform shoes, but by 1963 most women were wearing low cut pants and high boots.

Culottes, Tunics, and Robes were a must, as was Chest Hair, Medallions, Bell Bottoms, Tight T-shirts, Flower Patterned Dress Shirts, Sideburns and Tennis Head Bands.

The fashion world had a huge loss in 1971, with the death of Chanel designer and founder Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, better known as Coco Chanel.
The greatest influence in fashion to date, the world lost a legend this year.

By 1976, fashion had taken a split with some people preferring the Parisian Peasant look, which consisted of Turbans, Capes, Rich Fabrics, Billowing Skirts, Puffy Sleeves, and Glowing Colours. Compared to the more clean cut, American style fashion which consisted of borrowed styles from stylish sportswear.

The seventies saw a rise in celebrity followings, people wanted to look like their favourite star and with the reduction in clothing prices that made getting your favourite stars look so much easier.
People were loving the looks of Farrah Fawcett, Diana Ross, Liza Minnelli, Jane Fonda, Olivia Newton-John and, my personal favourite, Karen Carpenter.

The seventies also was a big time for the women's movement which saw the seventies being first decade in which women were seen in pants instead of previously stereotyped skirts and dresses.
Also a large amount of political unrest was felt in this time so we sore a rise in protests and the right for free speech. No longer did people want to sit down and be told what to do, they wanted choices in their life. This was also evident in fashion, the seventies was the first era in which the design houses had no control over what people were wearing. The public dictated how the fashion of the seventies went.

A lot of milestones took place in the seventies, if it wasn't for the seventies we wouldn't be where we are now.

Were you also a huge fan of the seventies growing up?? 
Let me know what you loved about the seventies! 

Have an amazing weekend,
Take Care Dolls and Love! 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A Little Wedding Update....

Hi Dolls, 

So this week has been a major week for our wedding planning and during my crazy schedule today I wanted to take some time to tell you all what's been going on in the world of Holly and Scott.

So on Thursday I had my first bookings made for the search of 'the dress'. 
First I went to a boutique in Moonee Ponds, which is in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, called Fairytale Bridal. I really wasn't expecting much from this place, I had my heart set on the next place on Brunswick Street, which is the bridal destination in Melbourne. 
But I went in prepared, I had an exact photo of what I wanted my dress to look like and the features I wanted on the dress, everything down to the detail in the fabric. I knew what I wanted.
The lady understood me completely and off she toddled to find me my dress. 

She emerged with three dresses, each one didn't catch my eye but she convinced me to try them on.
She grabbed the first dress and  the accessories and we hopped into the change room. 
The first dress I tried on... was 'the dress'.

I proceeded to try on the remaining dresses but each one just didn't have that wow factor that the first one had. I guess it was meant to be, the first place I looked and the first dress I tried on was 'the dress'.
So that meant I had to cancel my other appointment, at that dream store.

I had already bought my wedding shoes online so I was able to try on dresses with the exact shoes that I will be wearing on the day. 
They are Giuseppe Zanotti and they retail for $900, but because a lady bought the wrong size, I got them for $150! Bargain!

Fast forward to Monday, we started looking around the mens suit stores. We went to Harrolds and tried on some Tom Ford but it just didn't say wow. 
So we headed over to Hugo Boss and an hour later emerged with 'the suit'.
Scott looked amazing, as soon as I saw him I knew that is how I wanted to see him on out wedding day. A dream.

Our next step is heading over to New Zealand in the new year for a couple of days for a little planning trip. To look at venues and to talk to the venders. Some super exciting stuff ahead! 

I hope you all are having an amazing day! 

Take Care Dolls and Love,

Monday, 1 September 2014

A Little Ray of Sunshine!

A little ray of sunshine!
Hi Dolls,

Today was officially the first day of Spring here in Melbourne, even though it was more like Winter, so what perfect time to fill my post with Butterflies and Blossoms!
Yellow is a colour that features a lot in my Spring/Summer wardrobe. It has always been my happy colour, the colour that can always bring a little ray of sunshine to my face.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!
Take Care Dolls and Love!

Yumi floral print dress
$66 -

Heels & pumps

Woven purse

Rayban yellow glasses
$190 -

Friday, 29 August 2014

Fashion Friday: The Sixties Baby, Yeah!!

Hi Dolls,

The sixties, a time of mini dresses, go go boots and beehives. Not only was the fashion amazing and eye catching so was the music. Some of my favourite artists were at their peak in the sixties, like The Beatles, and a lot of them had a lot of influence on what happened in fashion.

The early sixties were a lot like the fifties, subtle and conservative, but then we reached the end of the sixties and we see the shift to psychedelic colours, tie dye tops and long hair and beards, the iconic hippy era.

But lets start from the beginning, when I think of the early sixties I think straight away of Jackie Kennedy, Bridget Bardot and Princess Margaret, they were just a few key people of style at this time. Always found with their hair styled perfectly in Beehive Coiffure.

In 1962, Hollywood gave us Breakfast at Tiffany's with the ever so lovely Audrey Hepburn, do I need to say more she is pure perfection.
Hubert de Givenchy blessed us with that iconic black dress, that people are still loving to this day, and this started the fashion of high bosomed, sleeveless gowns.
Holly Golightly has inspired the looks of so many women through history, me being on of them.

1962 also blessed us with Cleopatra, with the amazing Elizabeth Taylor, this started a trend of Egyptian themed and styled jewellery and dresses thanks to the designer Irene Sharaff.  

But like I mentioned before the it lady was non other than Jackie Kennedy with her high bosomed coats, berets, fitted evening gowns, breton hats and jewellery like non other.
She was in headlines, not only for her position in life but for her immaculate style.

1964 saw the love of the word feminine in the fashion world, ruffles, pleats, hair hows, and lace are just a few things that made a comeback with the use of this word. 
Cosmetics also took on the feminine look with the use of pale lipsticks and a more natural nail. No longer did a woman want curls but more of a wave sloping down the back of the head. 1964 saw the start of girls with curly hair racing off to the hair salon to get a chemical treatment to give them that desired straighter hair.

1965, the british fashion revolution, this is what I loved about the sixties I base my Winter look around this exact time. 

1966, the start of mod, fresh out of London, mini skirts with coloured fishnets or lace textured stockings, little girl shoes, over the shoulder bags were the go so was gaudy jewellery especially antique pins and geometric earrings.

Then came 1967, this is where we met Twiggy. Twiggy the iconic model of the mod era who bought the world the mini mod era. She was seen as and insult to the female figure by some but to the fashion world she was an inspiration. At only 17 this British model graced the covers of all the leading magazines and bought with her the fun and life of the mod era.

1968 welcomed the time of the love child, our beloved hippies. Everything was loud, colourful and expressive. Peace was everywhere. Even woman of influence joined in on this trend, it was a mix of meditation tops, gaucho pants and most of all vests. 

1969 gave us the term Unisex, women were becoming more masculine wearing pants all the time and men were becoming more feminine with the use of bronzing gels and moisturisers, so products were commonly marketed as unisex.

A lot happened in the sixties, not only did we have peace but the man walked on the moon. The sixties was a huge turning point in all areas in out life not only fashion.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! 
Take Care Dolls and Love,