Friday, 22 August 2014

Fashion Friday: 1950s

Hi Dolls,

I know a few of you have said you have been hanging out for the fifties and I'm right there with you. 
The fifties have always been a favourite of mine most of my favourite movies were made in the fifties so sometimes I feel like I am still living through the era to this day.
When I think of the fifties  I think of full circle skirts and cats eye glasses but there is so much that people don't remember of the fifties so lets have a step back in time back to the era of rock'n'roll and poodle skirts.

The fifties was the a major leap for the fashion industry no longer did people feel that they had to conform to set looks for specific situations but now felt the freedom of wearing what they thought was expectable.
Waistlines were a huge part of women's fashion in the fifties some loving the new fitted waist were others opting for no waist which was referred to as the sack dress. 

One of my all time favourites, inspired by Chanel, Tweed suits made their appearance in the early fifties normally found in shades of charcoal grey and gunmetal. But some of my favourite tweed suits were worn in pastel shades topped with a matching box hat.
Tweed suits paired with a cuban heel was a must.

Day necklines ranged from the turtle or polo neck to the draped cowl and deep wide round scoop. Even suits had deep stand away necks sometimes filled in with a scarf, gilet or ribbon tie but sometimes a little outrageous and went all bare.

In 1954 women wanted a prominent and more pointed chest and a straighter and softer silhouette which is a change from the full skirts found earlier in the fifties.
The costume look was all the rage in 1954 with coats regularly available with matching dresses. Jackets came in varies lengths with short bolero's to the long skyscraper jacket by Ben Zuckerman.

My favourite thing about the fifties was the design to make shaped shoulders without the use of shoulder pads. Instead many were able to make tailored sleeves with a round bump at the top.

An Asian look become popular in the late fifties with women choosing brighter more oriental tones in their clothing like red. jade, yellow and sapphire. 

On item that I still head for to this day is capes. In Winter I personally think they are much more comfortable than a tailored dress coat and they keep my so much warmer. The cape replaced the jacket in 1956.

The mid fifties also saw the transition to the iconic Trapeze Dress or commonly known at an A-line dress. Design houses such as Dior captured its beauty and continued making dresses in this style throughout the duration of the fifties.

Throughout the duration of the fifties fur was a must, even though there was a luxury tax placed on all furs in the US this did not stop people from staying stylish and trendy in Winter. The tax was reduced in the mid fifties and more people started buying into the fur fashion. 

October 1957 the fashion world had a tragic loss this was the death of non other than Dior. Saint Laurent was replaced as his replacement as head designer for Dior. 
Dior's last design was the shift only a couple of months before his death.

1958 saw the end of the one shape fits all approach in fashion but saw the start of designers making the effort to accommodate for all shapes and sizes.

The fifties was the time of all my favourite style icons, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren. It was also the era of Elvis and other rock'n'roll icons.
The glamour of the fifties is something that still inspiring woman of today with woman wanting the wedding dress of Grace Kelly or the style of Marilyn. It's not often that people make such an impact on the fashion world that surpasses their time on this earth but these icons have, with the exception of Sophia Loren who is still catching eyes on red carpets.

The fifties will always have a special place in my heart that will be my inspiration for style, beauty and even the way I hold myself and the morals I follow.

Have an amazing weekend Dolls! 
Take Care and Love! 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Delicate Daisy!

Mellow yellow.

Hi Dolls,

Spring is only around the corner and thought it would be fun to show you a look that i'm hanging out to be trying this spring with fresh and bright tones to brighten up my day.

$50 -

$33 -

$1,020 -

Have a wonderful day Dolls.
Take Care and Love! 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Fashion Friday: The 1940s!

Hi Dolls,

We have finally made it to the forties the era of the Andrew Sisters, Ragtime and unfortunately war.
The forties have always amazed me the fashion, music and the way of life so I have been hanging out to get to this post with you all.

You could say that he forties was the time where modern fashion came about with the love of bright colours and bold jewellery. Gloves became a huge hit with the love of the Edelweiss deer skin gloves. Animals were in fashion but only for their fur, every kind such as  Crocodile purses, Leather sleeves, Wombat collars and Lambskin lining.
Scarves were known as mufflers which were usually made from cashmere in patterns of plaid.

The forties were known for their glitz and glamor, a lady wanted to look highly fashionable and adorned herself with rhinestone encrusted lapels and cuffs.
Dinner coats were a must in soft honey and opera hats, chamois gloves and silk scarves helped a lady achieve her desired look.
Brooches were a jewellery must with designs encrusted in gems and crystals it showed the real glitz of the time.

Two distinct shapes emerged in the mid forties these were a tubular, slim, straight chemise dress drawn together at the waist with a belt and the other chunky, bulky style giving the effect of fullness without gathers.
With either look the hair would be styled and pulled back behind the head along the nape into tight braids and secured with a net.
Three styles of jackets came into development the bolero, the box jacket and the fitted cropped jacket.

The forties saw the limit of fabrics available to manufacturers because of the war but by the 1945, the end of the war, saw a come back of high quality fabrics and softer more tranquil tones in fashion.
In the following years saw a shift to a more asymmetrical cut in dresses including the one shoulder dress.
Patent Leather made a comeback in the late forties in shoes and belts. 

Dior had a great influence in fashion in the late forties with the change of shoulder pads going from a square look to a more natural rounded look. They also introduced the first short and long evening dress, spiralling from above the knee to train length. 

There were so many changes with fashion and beauty through this decade that I could talk about it forever. People wanted to look like the Andrew Sisters and Joan Fontanne.

Have an amazing weekend dolls! 
Take Care Dolls and Love! 

Monday, 11 August 2014

The Best Make Up Remover I Have Ever Tried!

Hi Dolls,

There is nothing that I hate more than standing in the bathroom mirror after a late night trying to pry off layers of make up and what is left is sore, red and irritated skin that hates me for torturing it so badly.
I have tried so many different removers over the years and most failed to impress others did the job but it took some work trying to remove with it.
I have been just putting up with whatever I could get my hands on cheap, which is such a bad choice. 
But last week I bought myself a bottle of Neways True Touch Eye Make Up Remover and can I say I was so surprised.

Neways is a company that makes non toxic products for your home and car as well as beauty and personal care products and also health and wellness products.
I am the kind of person who tries to search for the most natural and non toxic versions of products that I personally can so when I spotted that they make a  make up remover I was so excited that I bought it straight away.

So I applied a small amount of the True Touch Eye Make Up Remover to a cotton pad and gently glided it over my face and with ease all my make up just slide away.

This was well and good but I actually had a big test for it... the removal of Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner. For those of you that use this liner or have been eyeing it off you would know that there is a special remover to be able to combat this tough guy so I couldn't wait to see how this make up remover performed. 
Again I applied a small amount of the remover to a cotton pad and slide the pad across my eye lid and when I removed the pad from my eye the liner was gone. I was so impressed when I saw how easy it removed the They're Real Liner after months of scraping it off I finally have discovered the life saving product that is the answer to all my prayers.

If you have any further questions about this make up remover or any other Neways products email me at

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! 
Take Care Dolls and Love!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Fashion Friday: 1930s!

Hi Dolls,

This week I am moving forward through history from the roaring 20s to the classy 30s in our journey through fashion.
When people think of the 30s their minds automatically jump to gangsters and a Bonnie and Clyde type of lifestyle but there was so much more to the 30s to know and love.

The 30s was a time of depression through the world where we were right in the middle of two large wars but even though people were poor or not well off they certainly didn't dress like it.
The 30s saw men in double breasted over coats and classic fedoras and the women donned fox fur and shoulder pads were a must.

 The start of the 30s saw the demise of the iconic Flapper Girl look and the start to the Garbo look.
Every woman wanted to be as classy and stylish as Swedish/American actress Greta Garbo with her side parted hair, broad shoulders, tall thin silhouette, small busts and fitted skirts that widen slightly at the hip and falling down to the mid calf.

The development of artificial silks and zippers make achieving the Hollywood look more affordable for those less fortunate.
Hats were all the rage with the hight of the Beret, Pillbox, Trimmed Turban and Toque hats which in my opinion this matched the cropped hairstyles and soft waves perfectly.

While women were copying the manly suit look from Greta Garbo they were also applying make up like Joan Crawford, bright lips, eye shadow and fake lashes (which would take a salon two hours to apply).

Little girls were also after the Hollywood look with every little girl having the iconic Shirley Temple ringlets. Little Shirley Temple was an inspiration to many little girls through history, me being one of them. Still to this day her songs and her style is being recreated on many adorable toddlers.

Towards the end of the 30s we see a shift to military styled outfits for the ladies and a return of the snood to contain long locks.
Fashion made some big moves through the 30s seeing more fitted outfits and shorter skirts and woman becoming more adventurous with make up and accessorising. 
The 30s are by far one of the classiest eras  of all time for fashion and beauty.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 
Take Care Dolls and Love!